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London 160ft Bungee Jump

Challenge Information

Take this exhilarating 160ft bungee jump with the majestic backdrop of the London skyline behind you! You will find yourself perched at the top of a giant crane and attached by your ankles, looking out over the magnificent landscape. Then it is over to you to make the leap of faith!

Even from upside down the beautiful views of London are unavoidably spectacular, so experience the adrenaline rush of a bungee jump, amid the world-famous buildings of the nation’s capital.

DATE: 19th March 2022 (other dates & locations are available)

Height: 160ft

LOCATION: North Greenwich Arena (The Dome), London

FUNDRAISING TARGET: Either £500 or 2 children sponsored or a combination of both (Where each child counts as £250 towards your target)

FREE: 'Compassion Challenges' top and plenty of encouragement!