Compassion Challenges -Top 7 fundraising tips

Top 7 fundraising tips

#1. Don’t always ask, but don’t forget to either

There are great rewards but also great risks when using promoting your challenge. As tempting as it can be to post on Facebook every hour with a link to your donations page, this will turn people off. Invite your friends on the adventure by engaging them with how you're feeling, how the training is going and also why you’re passionate about the cause. However, you do still have to ask people every once in a while. A general rule would be to inspire your audience three times more than you ask.

 #2. What are you passionate about?

People are attracted to passionate people. If you’re planning a fundraising event that you can’t wait to invite friends and family too then they will feel your drive and be inspired by what you’re doing. On the flipside, if you are dragging yourself to the village hall to host a quiz night that you wish you had never thought of, then cancel it! What are your hobbies, skills and what makes you smile? Think creativity about how to link these into a fundraising event that people will come to.

#3. Start as early as possible and plan ahead

The more time you give yourself before the challenge, the more opportunities you’ll have to fundraise. Too often people will leave the fundraising to the day before and realise why they didn’t raise too much money. Likewise, to maximise the number of people turning up an event then let them know with plenty of time to go. The likelihood is that the diaries of your friends and family are booked up months in advance so get the date out there early so they can’t miss it!

#4. Get your friends involved 

Your fundraising challenge could turn into a bit of a slow crawl to the finish line that is your target. To make sure that you remain focused and supported, surround yourself with friends and family that will multiply your efforts. Maybe they could even take on a portion of you fundraising target and host their own events through their friends and family? Don’t go alone and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

#5. Make sure you have fun along the way!

Your fundraising challenge will lead to some fantastic memories and events that people will remember for a long time. Make sure you are having fun along the way knowing that each donation will make a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable children and families. If you’re feeling discouraged at any point, take a moment to relax and think about how you can make the next push for sponsorship fun and engaging for both yourself and the donor. Fundraising is a fun challenge to take on!

#6. Set a target

Data from states that those who set a target raise up to 46% more than those who don’t. Set yourself an achievable target that you’re motivated to reach and also one that would make your friends and family take note and feel excited about contributing to. If your target is too low, your average donation amount is likely to be less.

#7. Personalise your page

The stats from tell us that those fundraisers who add personal profile to their page raise 15% more than those who don’t. Your personal Compassion Challenges fundraising page allows you to add a profile image and a header image for you to add your personal touch. You can also let people know what challenge you’re taking part in, where their donations are going and why you’re taking part so they hear your heart behind it all.