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Togo Virtual Challenge 2024

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Are you ready to walk, jog or run 100km? As you clock up the kms, you’ll be raising vital funds to bring to completion a youth resource centre in Togo’s capital Lomé.  

The centre will give children and youth access to computers, online learning and additional books. This will open fresh opportunities for our young people to continue learning and pursue their dreams.   

As you hit significant milestones in your 100km journey, you’ll unlock videos and postcards. 

These will give you a unique insight into daily life for children in Togo and how God is at work through his church across the country. 

It’s completely up to you how you cover the 100km. You can:  

  • Walk 1.1km every day  

  • Jog 7.7km a week  

  • Run five half marathons  

  • Or a combination of these approaches! 

You have from 1 May until 31 July to complete the challenge – everyone who signs up will receive a free training t-shirt.  

To celebrate your achievement, we will be delighted to send you a certificate and medal. 

DATE: 1 May 2024 

DISTANCE: 100km 

LOCATION: Virtual Challenge  

FUNDRAISING TARGET: £100 per fundraiser  

FREE: Training t-shirt, medal and certificate 


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TEAM TOTAL:£12,679.31

TEAM Sponsorships:1

The Challenge Team

Mike Briggs

Kelly MacIntyre

Retta Montgomery

Keziah Chalmers

Angela Vera

Steph Worrall

Emily Dowds

Sammy Dowds

Samuel Robinson

Marilyn Wagstaff

Luke Gratton

Jon Lane

Payton Hooper

Linda Coleman

The Lakes Family

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Phil Wells

Justin Dowds

Toby Dymott

Pete Rohrs

Nicole Rohrs

Steph Clague

Adrian Turk

Angelica Williams

Caroline Kelly

Susi & Joel Shears

Stacey Meredith

David Caddick

Caroline Cameron

Amy Hiorns

Lori Van Wyk

Ully-Lange Orobor

Catherine Prince

Mila Galano

Akinyele Akinyele

Amy Davies

Becky Marshall

Lexi Drinkwater

Darren Allwright

Nigel Straker

Eileen Dalgleish

Gareth Williams

Juliette Jenkinson

Jamie and Isabella Glencross

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Alison Bentley

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Kaitlyn Hallett

Gillian Holder

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