Compassion Challenges -Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions set out the agreement made between Impact Marathon Series,  hereinafter referred to as, ‘We' or ‘Us' (with ‘Our’ being construed accordingly), and You (the Trip/Experience participant), as further defined below, in respect of a Trip/Experience arranged by Us.

Impact Marathon Series is a UK-based company registered in England and Wales (09561970) whose registered address is 82 Residence Tower, Woodberry Down, London, United Kingdom, N4 2NE. Impact Marathon Series is a member of The Travel Vault. .

Impact Marathon Series organises Trips/Experiences in accordance with the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 which provides more information on your legal rights. A copy of these regulations can be found online at 

1. Definitions
“Application/Booking Form” means the form provided by Us to those wishing to apply for a Trip/Experience, Your signature (written or electronic) on which indicates Your intention to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

“Booking Confirmation” means a confirmation email from Us stating that You have been accepted for a Trip/Experience subject to the provisions of Clause 2.3 below.

“Contract” means a signed Application Form together with a Booking Confirmation and these Terms and Conditions.

“Deposit” means the sum payable by You with the submission of Your Application Form for a Trip/Experience.

“Final Payment” means the balance of the Trip/Experience Fee after deduction of the Deposit paid.

“In-Country Coordinator” means the individual nominated by Us to manage Your Trip/Experience in-country, and to whom all issues that arise during the Trip/Experience should be addressed.

“Trip/Experience” means Your place on an activity trip organised by Us and includes accommodation, social activities and in-country support plus those specific additional items set out in the Trip/Experience description on Our website. For the avoidance of doubt a Trip/Experience does NOT include flights, insurance, visas, vaccinations, United Kingdom or foreign taxes or personal spending money. Unless stated otherwise in the Trip/Experience description, a Trip/Experience does not include internal travel within the destination country.

“Trip/Experience Fee” means the full price of the Trip/Experience as set out on the invoice in accordance with the provisions of Clause 3.2.

“Significant Change” to a Trip/Experience is defined as a change where one or all of the following occurs:

(i) Failure to offer promised qualifications (only when Our instructors reasonably consider You capable of taking the appropriate examination); or

(ii) Change in the duration of the Trip/Experience by any more than 1 week (excepting factors beyond Our reasonable control, as listed in Clause 4 below).

For the avoidance of doubt, Significant Change will not include changes to planned social activities, or any other event or factor beyond those specified in (i) and (ii) above.

“Sub-contractor” means a third-party providing goods or services in respect of Your Trip/Experience where these goods or services are a material part of the Trip/Experience as defined above and the costs for such goods or services are included within the Trip/Experience Fee.

“Third Party Supplier” means a third-party providing goods or services to You through a direct contractual relationship with You.

“You” means the applicant whose name appears on the Application Form, and the terms

“Your” and “Yours” shall be construed accordingly. If the applicant is under the age of 18 years at the time of application, the form must be counter signed by the applicant’s legal guardian or parent (written or electronic where appropriate). The legal guardian or parent will be bound by these Terms and Conditions and will be responsible both for the acceptance of the risks and liabilities set out herein on behalf of the applicant and for the compliance of the applicant with these Terms and Conditions until the applicant reaches 18 years of age, after which if the applicant continues with the Trip/Experience then the applicant will be deemed to have accepted and shall be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
2 Conditions of Entry
2.1 We will endeavour to confirm or refuse Your application for a Trip/Experience within 14 working days of the receipt of Your completed Application Form and Deposit. If You are not accepted for Your desired Trip/Experience, then We will offer You a possible alternative or immediately refund the Deposit that You have paid. You may, at Your discretion, refuse any offered alternative and in this event,  We shall immediately refund the Deposit that You have paid.

2.2 If We are able to offer You a suitable Trip/Experience then We shall send You a Booking Confirmation via email together with an invoice for the Final Payment.

2.3 Your Booking Confirmation is subject to the following conditions:

(a) You shall pay the Final Payment for your Marathon Event no later than three calendar months prior to your departure date. If you have booked an add-on package the balance for this will also be due three calendar months prior to Your Trip/Experience’s scheduled start-date (the start of the Impact Marathon week);

(b) You shall provide Your travel details, including flight numbers, evidence of full travel and medical insurance for the duration of the Trip/Experience, and emergency contact information within the timescales specified by Us on the invoice;

(c) You shall disclose any medical conditions that may affect your full participation in any activity on Your Trip/Experience and warrant that You are medically fit to participate. If We request it, You shall undergo a full health check and produce a medical certificate in respect of such health check no later than 8 weeks prior to Your Trip/Experience’s scheduled start-date.

(d) If you have applied for a Trip/Experience organised on behalf of Compassion UK where You will interact face to face with beneficiaries including children or other vulnerable persons, then Your Trip/Experience is subject to a Basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check dated within two years of the date of departure, completion of Child Protection Training and signing a Statement of Commitment to Child Protection and abiding by the Code of Conduct. See Compassion UK Terms and Conditions for Child Protection for more details on the requirements.

(e) You shall also abide by Our and Compassion UK’s Code of Conduct which can be viewed at Clause 11 below and by the terms and conditions set out herein; and

(f) You shall comply with the laws, customs, foreign exchange and drug regulations of all countries visited during Your Trip/Experience. If You are found to be violating such laws and regulations or otherwise interfering with the wellbeing of other Clients, staff, or Third-Party Suppliers, this will result in the In-Country Coordinator taking the action detailed in Clauses 2.4 and 10.

2.4 In the event that You do not comply with the provisions of Clause 2.3 then We may at Our discretion deem Your Trip/Experience to be terminated in accordance with the provisions of Clause 8 or offer You an alternative Trip/Experience. In the particular case of Your breach of the provisions of paragraphs (e) or (f) of Clause 2.3 then You may be required by the In-Country Coordinator to leave the Trip/Experience and, if appropriate, the country, without reimbursement of Your Trip/Experience fees.

2.5 If in the reasonable opinion of the instructor or the In-Country Coordinator Your continued participation in a particular activity or Trip/Experience may result in either personal harm to Yourself or other participants or disruption of the activity or Trip/Experience then the In-Country Coordinator may at their sole discretion instigate the Disciplinary Process as set out in Clause 10.
3 Our Programmes
3.1 You accept that any information supplied by Us regarding Trip/Experiences, including content published by third party advertisers, is provided in good faith and based on the knowledge and information available to Us prior to publication of the written material and sometimes months prior to the Trip/Experience start date. You accept that for the latest information on Trip/Experience, including Trip/Experience prices You should speak, write or email directly to Our representatives at Our office using the contact details on Our website.

3.2 Our Trip/Experience prices are set as given on the website, either on the date of Your signature on the Application Form, or no more than 5 working days before the receipt of the completed Application Form at Our Registered Office, whichever is the later. The price in force at this time shall be reflected on the invoice sent to You with Your Booking Confirmation.

3.3 Note that the price of items outside the scope of the Trip/Experience, such as visas, airfares, United Kingdom or foreign taxes or costs associated with local events and activities not included in the Trip/Experience may vary and We accept no liability for any increases in such prices.

3.4 You accept that dates for flights to and from Your Trip/Experience may fall outside of Your invoiced Trip/Experience duration. In the event that You require accommodation for days falling outside of Your Trip/Experience duration, then, provided We have sufficient accommodation available, We may offer this to You at the prevailing local rate.

3.5 We reserve the right (in very rare circumstances) to make alterations to a Trip/Experience without notice, including alterations to the itinerary. If the alterations cause a Significant Change in the structure or duration of the Trip/Experience prior to the start-date of Your Trip/Experience, You will be entitled to change Your choice of Trip/Experience, or receive a refund of the Trip/Experience Fee, if paid. This shall be the limit of Our liability in the event of a significant change to the Trip/Experience. Should the change be effected during the Trip/Experience that is deemed out of control of the Company, no refunds will be made.

3.6 You shall comply with all reasonable requests of the In-Country Coordinator with respect to matters relating to the organisation of the Trip/Experience and the safety and wellbeing of Yourself and others.

3.7 You agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of all Third-Party Suppliers who may provide You with other products or services during, or in travelling to the Trip/Experience. If We have provided You with the details of such Third-Party Suppliers or assisted You in procuring the services of such Third-Party Suppliers this information and/or assistance is given for Your convenience only and does not constitute an endorsement of the said Third Party Supplier. We accept no liability in respect of products or services procured by You from Third Party Suppliers, such as but not restricted to, travel agents, insurance providers and local suppliers.
4 Liability
4.1 Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or limit Our liability for (i) fraud or other criminal act, (ii) personal injury or death caused by the negligence of Our employees in connection with the performance of their duties hereunder or by defects in any product supplied pursuant to this Agreement, or (iii) any other liability that cannot be excluded by law.

4.2 Subject to Clause 4.1 in no event will We be liable under this Agreement for any damages resulting from: (i) cancellation of flights or costs resulting from missed flights, (ii) loss of opportunity, and/or (iii) any indirect or consequential loss. Such liability is excluded whether such damages were reasonably foreseeable or actually foreseen.

4.3 Except as provided in Clause 4.1 Our maximum aggregate liability to You for any cause whatsoever shall be for direct costs and damages only (this does not include flights, insurance, visas, vaccinations and any other elements that are outside of our control) and will be limited to a sum equivalent to 125% of the Trip/Experience Fee paid and payable by You under this Agreement.
4.4 We hereby exclude to the fullest extent permissible under the applicable law all liability that We have not expressly accepted in this Agreement. These limitations will apply regardless of the form of action, whether under statute, in contract, tort, including negligence, or any other form of action. For the purposes of this Clause 4, “We” includes Our employees, Sub-contractors, licensors and suppliers who shall therefore have the benefit of the limits and exclusions of liability set out in this Clause in terms of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

4.5 Save as provided in Clause 4.6 You shall have no remedy in respect of any representation (whether written or oral) made to You upon which You relied in entering into this Agreement.

4.6 Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or limit Our liability for any misrepresentation made by Us fraudulently.

4.7 We will not accept any responsibility for any illness, accident or loss, weather conditions, fire, civil or military disturbance, criminal activity, industrial action, mechanical breakdown, quarantine, border closures, government intervention or other event of force majeure where such events arise for reasons other than Our negligence. Although such circumstances are beyond our control, We shall make every effort to provide You with assistance if You are in difficulty. Should it become necessary to abandon a Trip/Experience because of such an event, We will be entitled to retain such monies received necessary to cover costs incurred.

4.8 You accept that weather conditions may prompt the cancellation of scheduled events within a Trip/Experience, and that We cannot be held responsible for such cancellations. Cancellation of events or sessions due to adverse weather conditions will be entirely at the discretion of the instructors or the In-Country Coordinator. No reimbursements will be made by Us for events or sessions lost to bad weather.

4.9 We accept no liability in respect of products or services procured by You from Third Party Suppliers or in respect of activities undertaken by You that are outside of those specified for Your Trip/Experience.
5 Health and Safety
5.1 You are advised that the host countries for Our Trip/Experiences do not supply comprehensive free health services.

5.2 Whilst We are committed to ensuring the safety of Our clients, We do not accept liability for any negligence on the part of Third-Party Suppliers or any other agents used by You, which are not connected to Your Trip/Experience. Otherwise, We will provide as much assistance as is possible, whilst limiting that assistance to non-financial support. Any further help will be provided at the discretion of the In-Country Coordinator.

5.3 Should We, in case of emergency, provide You with any financial support, You are obliged to reimburse all monies given to You by Us within 6 weeks of the Trip/Experience end-date. The provision of such financial support is entirely at Our discretion.

5.4 You accept that all sports and travel carry some risk of personal injury. You have the right to refuse the taking of any risks which You believe may endanger Your health and safety, or which are not covered by Your insurance as set out in Clause 6.1 below, and You agree that We will not be held liable for any injury or damage caused to You where You have taken a risk willingly, and the injury or damage arose other than as a result of Our negligence.

5.5 You accept that the health facilities in Your Trip/Experience country may be of a lower standard to Your home country and consequently may not provide the level of treatment You expect in the case of an emergency.
6 Insurance
6.1 You accept that it is compulsory to obtain travel insurance to cover personal accident, medical and hospital expenses and repatriation. Your insurance must cover cancellation, curtailment, repatriation, legal expenses, medical and emergency travel, personal accident, personal liability, rescue and assistance, hijack, and travel delay. You are obliged to ensure that Your policy covers all sporting activities that You may be involved in during Your Trip/Experience, which are provided by Our approved suppliers.

6.2 Your Policy cover should extend beyond the planned length of the Trip/Experience by at least two weeks. You acknowledge that, although We have said this is the minimal level, it still may not be adequate. We recommend that independent advice be taken.

6.3 We accept no responsibility for the loss of or damage to Your personal property unless it is caused by Our negligence, and it is recommended that You have personal insurance to cover loss of personal property by theft or accident.

6.4 You agree to indemnify Us in respect of any claim for loss or damage arising from any accident, personal injury, loss of life or damage to property caused by You during the course of the Trip/Experience.

6.5 In the event of any damage caused by You to Our property You agree to reimburse Us in respect of any such costs and damages within 8 weeks of the Trip/Experience end-date.

6.6 You are also advised to be aware of current Foreign Office travel advice in respect of countries to which You are travelling. See for further details.
7 Visas
7.1 Where a visa is required for the Trip/Experience, You will be responsible for obtaining and submitting the necessary forms to the embassy concerned.

7.2 Please note that all visas are issued entirely at the discretion of the embassy concerned.

7.3 We are not responsible for the issue of visas. You are responsible for ensuring that Your passport, visas and any other travel documents are valid for the duration of Your Trip/Experience.
8 Balance Payments, Cancellations and Amendments Policy
8.1 You acknowledge that Your payment for a Trip/Experience contributes to the overall costs of equipment, staff and administration, incurred by Us in planning and organising Your Trip/Experience, and that We will have incurred the largest part of Our costs on a non-recoverable basis before the Trip/Experience start-date. Therefore, if Your Trip/Experience is terminated either by Us in accordance with Clause 2.4 above or by You for any reason other than Our breach of this Agreement then the deposit is non-refundable. If the termination takes place:
- once your final balance has been paid three months prior to your departure date, you will receive no refund. However, you can switch your balance payment to another race held within 12 months of your cancellation. A £50 administration fee will be charged for this change. You are also able to switch your booking to a different person. This will also incur a £50 admin charge.
- less than 30 days prior to departure, all monies are non-refundable and no transfers are permitted.
For the avoidance of doubt, in the event that You have not paid the applicable Trip/Experience Fee as at the date of termination then You shall be liable for the balance of the Trip/Experience Fee due less any amount due to be refunded.

8.2 Any request from You to amend a booking must be put in writing and sent to Our office. If we agree to transfer Your booking to an alternative Trip/Experience, then provided such an alternative Trip/Experience commences within 12 months of the original booked Trip/Experience start-date, We will transfer the Trip/Experience Fee or any part of the Trip/Experience Fee that You have paid to the new Trip/Experience less a sum of £50.00 to cover Our costs incurred in re-arranging the booking.

8.3 In the unlikely event of Us cancelling Your Trip/Experience before the specified start-date other than as a result of a force majeure event as set out in Clause 4.7 above, We will refund to You whatever portion of the Trip/Experience Fee You have paid. This will be the full extent of Our liability.

8.4 In the event of cancellation of a Trip/Experience as a result of a force majeure event as set out in Clause 4.7 above then We shall retain whatever portion of the Trip/Experience Fee paid is necessary to cover Our reasonable expenses incurred in organising the Trip/Experience and refund to You the remainder. This will be the full extent of Our liability.

8.5 If You leave Your Trip/Experience before the specified Trip/Experience end-date other than as a result of Our breach of this Agreement, no refund will be made to You.
9 Complaints
9.1 With regard to any complaint or claim in connection with Your Trip/Experience, You agree:

9.1.1 to ensure that, at the earliest possible opportunity, any perceived failure in the performance or improper performance of the contract, whether by Us or Our Sub-contractors, is communicated to the In-Country Coordinator so that Your concerns can be addressed; and

9.1.2 to notify Us in writing at Our offices as set out above with regard to any unresolved complaint or claim within 30 days of the Trip/Experience end-date, setting out:
(a) the details of Your Trip/Experience
(b) the nature of Your complaint or claim
(c) how best You feel We can resolve Your complaint or claim.

9.2 Any complaints directed against the In-Country Coordinator should be raised by phone or email directly to Us at our office.

9.3 Upon receipt of Your complaint or claim We shall investigate the details set out in Your notification and shall use Our reasonable endeavours to contact You within 14 working days of receipt of Your notification to address Your complaint or claim.
10 Disciplinary Procedures
10.1 The Disciplinary Procedure may be invoked under Clause 2.3 or Clause 2.4 at the sole discretion of the In-Country Coordinator. If at any stage You feel that this procedure is being applied unfairly or without cause, You should raise this directly with The Coordinator and, if You feel the matter has not been resolved to Your satisfaction, You may raise a complaint in accordance with Clause 9 above.

10.2 The Disciplinary Procedure is as follows (unless otherwise stated in the Code of Conduct):

(a) Upon the first incident of unacceptable behaviour or a breach of the Code of Conduct, the In-Country Coordinator shall warn You verbally that Your behaviour is unacceptable and shall explain to You the reasons for this unacceptability.

(b) If such behaviour or breach continues, the In-Country Coordinator shall provide You with a written warning, stating that any recurrence may result in You being required by the In-Country Coordinator to leave the Trip/Experience and, if appropriate, the country, without reimbursement of Your Trip/Experience fees.

(c) Upon a subsequent repeat of the unacceptable behaviour or upon a serious breach of the Code of Conduct the In-Country Coordinator may, at their sole discretion, require that You leave the Trip/Experience and, if appropriate, the country, without reimbursement of Your Trip/Experience fees.

10.3 In the event that the Disciplinary Procedure is invoked under Clause 10.2 and You are required to leave Your Trip/Experience and, if appropriate, the country, You agree to do so without causing fuss, disturbance or aggravation and at the time specified by the In-Country Coordinator.

10.4 In the case of a serious breach of the Code of Conduct, specifically, but not limited to the acceptable/unacceptable behaviours around beneficiaries and children, You accept that an immediate decision can be taken that you should leave the trip under clause 10.2(c).
11 Code of Conduct
(a) You will at all times respect local attitudes, cultures and beliefs. Specifically, You will not make comments of a derisory, sexist, or racist nature to anyone during Your stay. And You will dress, speak and behave appropriately at all times.

(b) You will not act in any way that is considered to be an anti-social manner by the In-Country Coordinator or local inhabitants at any time during Your stay. You will adhere to this specifically while under the influence of alcohol.

(c) You will arrive at Your Trip/Experience on time each day and, in the event that You are delayed or cannot attend Your Trip/Experience altogether, you will notify the Coordinator as far in advance as is reasonably possible. Alternatively, you may notify another individual, such as the In-Country Instructor or In-Country Staff member associated with your Trip/Experience, provided that this individual has been expressly nominated in advance by the In-Country Coordinator.

(d) You will not take any time out from Your Trip/Experience in order to undertake personal in-country travel or to spend time with friends or family unless You have informed the In-Country Coordinator.

(e) You will not allow any person to enter or spend the night at Your accommodation unless You have obtained the express permission from the In-Country Coordinator.

(f) You will leave Your accommodation on the Trip/Experience End Date stated on your invoice unless You have obtained the express permission from the In-Country Coordinator. This includes local home-stays that You may have stayed with during Your Trip/Experience which We sourced and introduced to You. You will not leave Your Trip/Experience earlier than the intended end date without consulting the In-Country Coordinator.

(g) You will ensure that any equipment used by You, whether personal belongings or otherwise, are cleared away and kept tidy and orderly at all times, in both personal and communal living areas of the accommodation. You will treat Your Accommodation with respect. Failure to do so may result in You being asked to leave Your Trip/Experience.

(h) You will not buy, handle or consume any illegal substance during Your stay. You understand that We have a zero-tolerance policy on this matter and anyone who is caught in possession of illegal substances or is suspected of using or handling them will be asked to leave their Trip/Experience and Accommodation immediately in accordance with the provisions of Clause 10.2(c) above.

(i) You acknowledge that We explicitly advise against You developing sexual relations with any persons in the country where You are staying, and You do so at Your own risk. Specifically, You accept and understand that there may be different attitudes to sexual relations in the countries that You visit, and that this could result in danger to Yourself. You also accept that health facilities may be of a lower standard in Your Trip/Experience country and that HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases may also be common. You acknowledge that You are aware of the risks of unplanned pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases involved in unprotected sexual relations. You also acknowledge that You are aware that drugs are sometimes used in cases of rape/non-consensual sex and this may be a risk while socialising during Your Trip/Experience.  For specific information on relationships which are not permitted to take place on the trip, please see specific guidance at clause m (1)  to (20) below.

(j) You will follow the advice of the In-Country Coordinator at all times. Failure to do so may put You or others in danger and may lead to You being asked to leave Your Trip/Experience and Accommodation immediately in accordance with the provisions of Clause 10.2(c) above.

(k) You are responsible for Your health and wellbeing. You agree to deal with any medical ailment immediately and seek medical attention and the advice of Your medical assistance company, should You require it. You accept that health facilities in Your Trip/Experience country may be of a lower standard than You are used to.

(l) You will ensure that return flight date falls before the expiration of any in country visa requirement. You understand that You need to obtain Your visa (if required).

(m) You confirm that you understand that this trip is taking place in partnership with Compassion UK and that this will involve engaging with Compassion beneficiaries and children.  You acknowledge that any breach of the terms below can result in an immediate decision to terminate your place on the trip under Clause 10.4 of the Disciplinary Procedure.  You agree to abide by the following acceptable/unacceptable behaviour standards in respect of interaction with beneficiaries and children, specifically:

  1. You will demonstrate the proper respect and dignity of all children. Regardless of their gender, age, race, religion, social background, culture, special need or disability;
  2. You will maintain appropriate and reasonable expectations for children based on their age and ability level. (For example, it is developmentally normal for a three-year-old to become upset easily when they are tired, but We could expect a teenager to manage their emotions even when they are very tired.)
  3. You will engage in age-appropriate communication with children and young people You meet during the trip;
  4. You will engage in activities with beneficiaries only in open or visible places, and in the event that an activity needs to take place in an enclosed space, You will ensure that at least one other approved adult is present.
  5. If You witness child abuse, know a child is in danger, observe any concerning behaviours from colleagues, partners or other representatives, or a child comes to me with a report of abuse, You will take it seriously and report it to the proper staff or relevant authorities.
  6. If requested, You will comply with child protection related investigations and make available any documentation or other information necessary for the completion of the investigation. You will keep all information about child protection investigations confidential, keeping in mind privacy and dignity concerns of all involved.
  7. You will contribute to building an environment where children are respected and encouraged to discuss their concerns and rights.
  8. You will follow Compassion’s rules about communication with beneficiaries, including social media interaction.
  9. You will follow dignity standards (for example, only recording children who are dressed appropriately, understand they are being recorded, etc.) regarding child photography and videography.
  10. You will be careful about Your appearance, language, action, to ensure that Your behaviour demonstrates a respect for beneficiaries and their families, their culture and their rights and follow recommendations provided.
  11. You will not solicit a romantic/dating relationship and will never engage in sexual/sexually suggestive behaviour with any beneficiary, regardless of age.
  12. You will never engage in sexual/sexually suggestive behaviour with any child under age 18, regardless of the legal age of consent in-country.
  13. You will never use language that is verbally/emotionally abusive, sexually suggestive, degrading, humiliating, shaming or is otherwise culturally inappropriate with a beneficiary.
  14. You will not touch (some examples include kissing, cuddling, picking up, holding, etc.) beneficiaries in an inappropriate or culturally insensitive way.
  15. You will never use any kind of physical discipline or physical punishment (some examples include whipping, caning, slapping, forcing punitive exercise, and other types of corporal punishment) as a method of correction for beneficiaries.
  16. You will never travel alone with a beneficiary, without an approved representative or prior approval, except in a life-threatening emergency where circumstances require immediate movement.
  17. You will not hire any child in any harmful form of child labour and follow local laws regarding child employment.
  18. You will never visit a beneficiary, their caregiver(s) and/or church outside the bounds of acceptable programme or tours and visits standards.
  19. You will not gather, disclose or support the disclosure of information about beneficiaries or their families without prior, express permission that contains private or privileged content such as physical, mental or emotional health status, financial data, history of abuse or exploitation, or any portrayal that does not meet Compassion’s identified dignity standards. Additionally, You will not disclose information that might allow a beneficiary or their family to be physically located (such as a map to their home, home address, or geo-tag to their location in a photograph.) You understand that disclosure includes content published in any print or digital form on any public or private platform.
  20. You will not condone or participate in illegal, unsafe or abusive behaviour of any child, including exploitation, trafficking, harmful traditional practices, and spiritual or ritualistic abuse.

 12 Agreement to Terms and Conditions
12.1 It is important that You read and understand these Terms and Conditions prior to submitting Your Application Form. If You have any questions or concerns about the meaning of any item in these Terms and Conditions, You are requested to raise these with Us before submitting Your Application Form.
13 Law
13.1 This contract is subject to English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts