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Margie Isaac

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21 - 28 JUNE 2019

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My challenge is to hike  42 km in Rwanda in one day!




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My name is Margie Isaac and I am 62 years old. I am a widow - still find it very hard to say that! My beautiful husband and the person who loved me most in the world , Lindsay, went to be with the Lord on the 20th February 2016. I was born in South Africa, moved to Zimbabwe at just 11 months old and I have lived in the UK since December 2007. I have 3 amazing children, amazing sons and daughter in law and 5 even more amazing grandchildren! They live in New Zealand, Australia, UK and South Africa so my heart is all over the world! I am a live-in carer and love my job. 

One of the reasons I am doing this challenge is my love for children and my love for Africa. When I was 4 or 5 my Dad couldn't get work and had to go out of the country for a while and my Mom went back to nursing. I went to creche/preschool. From  the very first day I loved it and decided in my heart that when I was a big girl I was going to look after children! God brought that dream to fruition and I had the enormous privilege of being a "Day Mom" to many children for more than 20 years! I still keep in touch with many of them and their Moms and Dads. They too are now all over the world! The other reason why I am doing this challenge is after Lindsay died, I lost my way and my purpose. We were married for 42 years ....... many ups and downs, but God restored us in beautiful ways. I met a lovely elderly lady last year whilst I was buying wool in Australia (that is a story in itself!) and she said -"we mourn winter, spring, summer and autumn and when that time is up, we need to stand up and live. You have mourned your 4 seasons, you will never forget Lindsay or stop loving him, but you need to stand up and live, he would want that!" For me....... that was a word in season. Lindsay loved life and with YAHWEH, the love, support and help from my family and friends, one day at a time, I am learning to live again....... differently. So, my God given passion for children and Africa and my desire to live life with a meaning and purpose is taking me to Rwanda - how awesome is that! ONLY GOD! And Lindsay goes with me in my heart! 


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Have fun Margie.We know you will do great! xx

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What an amazing challenge you are taking part in, changing lives in a mighty way. The steps of a righteous man are directed by the Lord. Ps37:23

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Very best of luck Margie. May God Be with you.

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We are so proud of you Margs and know that God will go with you to Rwanda. We pray that you will be a blessing to all those you meet and in turn you will be blessed out of your socks! You will go with all our love. Zim mafia girls xxxx

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All the very best on your challenge, may it bring you much satisfaction and enjoyment.

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Best of luck, Margie! I hope it's as rewarding as it is challenging.

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Good luck Margie. Please wear comfortable footwear. X

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Good luck Auntie Margie ! What an amazing thing to do ! We will be supporting you all the way ! Lots of love xx

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So proud of my beautiful friend Margie x You go girl !!!

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This is such a wonderful thing you are doing Aunty Margie. We are super proud of you and support you all the way 💕💕