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William Deane

Challenge Date:

21-28 June 2019

My Challenge:

To bring hope to children living in extreme poverty by cycling 120KM through rural Rwanda , in the company of other riders, runners and hikers, raising funds towards house construction in Rwanda as part of the Compassion Child Survivor program and encouraging people to become child sponsors. Sponsors with Compassion give £25 per month and are linked to an individual child, communicating through letters. They also receive information about the child and the project to which they are linked.




Sponsored Target:

Online Total: £0.00

Offline Total: £1,230.00

Gift Aid: £0.00

My wife Christine and I retired to Brixham in Devon three years ago. We have been child sponsors with Compassion for many years and have experienced the blessing of having a personal link with Claude (see photo) who lives in Rwanda. In a recent letter he wrote, “Thanks a lot for the letter and the nice photos you sent to me. I wish to see you.

We learn English and I can speak it no problem!”

Since I retired, I have been keeping fit by cycling on the Devon hills and using an exercise bike. When I heard about the Muskathlon in Rwanda, and the opportunity to meet Claude in person in response to his request, I knew this must be the Lord's will for me. When I told my pastor, he was very enthusiastic as he and his family also sponsor a child in Rwanda! I am really looking forward to seeing first hand the amazing work of Compassion as we will be visiting several of their projects.


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