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Susan Dawkes

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21-28th June 2019

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Assisting with the Muskathlon Rwanda 2019




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Online Total: £290.00

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Gift Aid: £50.00

I climbed Kilimanjaro fro Compassion in 2014 at the age of 63 and I visited the child I sponsor in Rwanda afterwards. I am a widow with three sons and seven grandchildren. Until February this year I was hoping to walk the marathon in Rwanda. I usually walk for 2-3hours every day with my two labradors in the Chiltern Hills where I live but unfortunately I slipped in the snow and fractured my leg in two places so now will not get fit enough to do the Muskathlon.

Having made the tough and sensible decision (which is not me as my grandchildren call me "Crazy Nanny") to not do the walk I decided I would still come out and help in any way I can. I had already decided I wanted to revisit my child as she will be 18 this year and I believe that Compassion do such an amazing job at helping children come out of poverty and realising their dreams, that I just would like to do whatever I can to help and if my friends can support me then so much the better! Also I fell in love with Rwanda and its people (not to mention it's Gorillas!) 5 years ago and always vowed I would go back.


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Go girl! But listen to your body too! Have a wonderful, inspiring trip xx

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Hi Sue, praying you and those around you are blessed every moment! 🤗💕🤗❤️🤗💓🤗💗🤗

Donation of £80.00 by Susan Dawkes

Thank you everyone who came to the brunch!