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Bobby McAdam

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June 2018

My Challenge:

Kenya Muskathlon: Run 63km/40mi in Kenya




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Online Total: £145.00

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Gift Aid: £18.75

I'm an average runner but very stubborn. I want to make a difference.

This run is different to all the others I've done, it's about making a difference in Children's lives.

Children that were not born into the privilege we have in the UK.

By sacrificing an amount as small as a mobile phone bill each month, you can make a difference in their lives through:

- Giving them the chance to go to School;

- Providing for medical check-ups and nutritional support;

- Embedding them in a supportive community;

You will also be able to walk with them through the journey through exchanging letters with the Children.

Sponsoring Children through Compassion has had a a huge impact on me and I pray that it does for you too.


Donation of £50.00 by Anonymous

Smash it mate

Donation of £20.00 by Marie

Just an average runner wouldn't be running 40 miles at altitude!! Good luck 😘

Donation of £20.00 by Duf

Donation of £30.00 by Emmeline Kelly

Just a normal marathon would be easy... it's for a great cause and the McAdam stubbornness will see you through! Good luck, Emm and Chris x

Donation of £25.00 by Georgie

Best of luck xx