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Jenna Ingles

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Spring 2021

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Hi Everyone, thank you for popping in :)

A few years ago I had a challenge planned. I was going to hike from Milngavie to Inverness via the West Highland Way and the Great Glen Way. Not long after I planned this, I injured both my feet and was out of action for some time. My feet are now mostly better and I would like to complete a challenge. The current climate is not really supportive of my original plan as I would need to take lots of public transport to get to and from my walking destinations, so I am saving Scotland for another time. However, a trail closer to home has sparked my interest. So in Spring this year, all being possible on the Covid front, I will be walking the South Downs Way from Winchester to Eastbourne. I will be backpacking it, carrying everything I need for the trip. The trail itself is 100 miles long, though the distances between villages and/or campsites off of the trail and back, mean that the walk itself will be somewhat longer than this. I plan to do this in 8-9 days. If my plan of an April-May walk is not possible due to Covid restrictions, I will be heading out at the first possible opportunity. My camping plans mean I am able to be flexible.

I look forward to sharing this walk with you in any way I can on trail and off.




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Online Total: £50.00

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Gift Aid: £5.00

My husband and I have supported Compassion for a long time now and have sponsored a number of Children with the charity. It is wonderful to see how much good Compassion brings to so many children and their families. Sponsoring a child to grow spiritually in their walk with God and to give them an opportunity out of poverty is a wonderful privilege and a great way to honour God. We encourage you all to prayerfully consider doing so yourself. But if this is not possible for you at present, any donation towards the work of Compassion would be gratefully received.


Donation of £20.00 by Sheila and John Hall

You are so brave doing this on your own and I am very proud of you. You need to get your feet sorted and I know you can do it because you are so passionate about it. Love you keep up the training You’ll. get there . Xx

Donation of £30.00 by Sara, Adam, and AJ

Best of luck! Sending our love and support!