Compassion Challenges -Tom Archer-Burton

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Tom Archer-Burton

Challenge Date:

June 2018

My Challenge:

Throughout the world the charity Compassion does amazing work to eradicate injustice and give children a purposeful and fulfilling life through health, education and care programmes. I am cycling 120kms through areas in Kenya where children and families need help, where injustice needs overturning and where lives can be saved. And I’m asking people to join me in this adventure by sponsoring a child or donating money. Together we can make such a difference.

Please will you consider sponsoring a child. By sponsoring a child you will be providing them with the opportunity to attend school, eat nutritious meals, receive medical check-ups and learn vocational skills.

Alternatively, all cash donations raised will provide solar powered lights to families in rural parts of Kenya, improving health and conditions for the families. By donating cash, you will be providing solar lamps to households with no access to electricity. Each solar lamp costs £68. More details on this amazing initiative can be found at the following website:




Sponsored Target:

Online Total: £945.00

Offline Total: £0.00

Gift Aid: £236.25


Donation of £650.00 by Anonymous

Donation of £100.00 by Hubert de Pelet

Braaaather....may the wind be in your wheels and fire in your belly and joy in you heart as you carry the name of the Lord around Kenya.

Donation of £20.00 by Anonymous

Donation of £25.00 by Anonymous

Donation of £50.00 by alice denyer

Donation of £100.00 by Sally D

Have a great time on your bike trek, keep up the training! May the Lord multiply the blessings and gifts to the children and families that you reach