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Jemma Holliday

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9th September 2018

My Challenge:

Great North Run 2018




Sponsored Target:

Online Total: £10.00

Offline Total: £0.00

Gift Aid: £2.50

30-something / mummy to Annie and Freddie / wife to John / ready to run, walk, crawl(?) over the finish line for Compassion UK

Compassion UK does so much to change the lives of disadvantaged children all over the world. We have recently sponsored our second child and it means the world to know that we are making even a small amount of difference.

I am taking part in The Great North Run in the hope of raising money towards this fantastic cause. It you are considering sponsoring a child, the information is on here to do so.

Here is what Compassion says:

"Nearly 400 million children are currently living in extreme poverty.

They’re being denied the right to grow up strong and healthy. Robbed of their time to play and imagine. And prevented from sitting in a classroom and learning.

From the womb to early adulthood, we give children born into the toughest of circumstances the opportunities they deserve. We connect one child born into the vulnerability of poverty with one sponsor. By sponsoring a child, you send them child to school, feed them nutritious meals and protect their health with regular medical check-ups. You’ll see the difference you’re making over time through letters and photos."

Our two children, Kauthala (6) and Ramazan (5), are on the cover image.

Thanks for reading!


Donation of £10.00 by Lou

Good luck Jemma! x