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Jourdan Baird

Challenge Date:

June 2018

My Challenge:

For the 2018 Kenya Muskathlon I will be cycling 120km on a mountain bike - scary!

The full cost of the trip has been personally funded so 100% of donations go directly to the much needed solar powered lighting scheme for 1,500 families.




Sponsored Target:

Online Total: £2,192.00

Offline Total: £0.00

Gift Aid: £441.25

I am 22 years old and live in Northern Ireland.

As long as I can remember my family sponsored Compassion children and I can vividly remember my parents holding events in churches every year promoting Compassion UK and the work it does. When I turned 21 and began working full time, sponsoring a child was the first thing I wanted to sign up to and give back. I absolutely love the model of Compassion and how they show the love of God through actions, through providing a safe place for children, providing them food and an education but most of all teaching them who God is and how loved they are. What motivates me is that as much as I love a challenge and an adventure; as much as I love travelling, what will be motivating me is so much more than that, it will be for Milulu, my little 5-year-old girl in the Dominican Republic and all the little children that will be sponsored through Kenya 2018!


Donation of £250.00 by Karcher Uk Ltd

Fantastic achievement for such a worthwhile cause. Well done Jourdan,

Donation of £10.00 by Anonymous

Offline donation in work

Donation of £10.00 by Chlôe

Amazing Jourdan!! So v proud of you 💞

Donation of £15.00 by Sasha

You're amazing! All my love from Sri Lanka xxxx

Donation of £120.00 by Mel

All the best gorgeous!! You've done absolutely amazing and such great cause!❤️All those sweaty sessions on the turbo trainer will have stood by you! Lots of yoga and catch up when you're home! Can't wait to hear all! Good luck! Sending my loveee xx

Donation of £25.00 by Matthew

Keep up the good work JB, safe travels for the trip!

Donation of £50.00 by Offline Donation

Donation of £35.00 by Offline Donations

Donation of £500.00 by Craigmore BBQ

Donation of £10.00 by Kerri McWilliams

Good Luck, all the training will pay off 🙊

Donation of £150.00 by Anonymous

Donation of £10.00 by Eilise McAuliffe

So proud of you and all of your efforts towards this challenge!

Donation of £20.00 by Anonymous

Donation of £15.00 by Kirsten

Good luck Jourdan!! You will be amazing x

Donation of £20.00 by Sarah S

good luck ❤️❤️

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Love your work!

Donation of £100.00 by Ian & CAROLYN McCall

Jourdan Ian & I wish you Gods blessing for this amazing trip of compassion you are showing to others. I pray that you will have the strength & endurance to finish the task. All our love

Donation of £20.00 by Anonymous

Donation of £20.00 by Anonymous

Wishing you all the best !!xx

Donation of £50.00 by Anonymous

You go girl!!

Donation of £20.00 by Nina

Superstar xx

Donation of £20.00 by Anonymous

Good luck Jourdan, sounds like a challenge for an incredible cause!

Donation of £60.00 by Anonymous

You're amazing.

Donation of £1.00 by Anonymous

Fab Jourdan! You go girl💪🏼

Donation of £1.00 by Anonymous

This is amazing Jourdan xx

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Didn’t want you to have no donations ☹️