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Marion Weir

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To complete a half marathon through the rural hills and villages of Rwanda.




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Online Total: £1,349.25

Offline Total: £100.00

Gift Aid: £274.63

A recently turned 40 year old Northern Irish lass who loves Jesus, loves a challenge and is learning to love running!

I wake up each day in the beauty that is Cumbria and spend my days as a lawyer in and out of courts and prison cells.

Exercise and running have never been my closest friends - I think it's right to say I have been built for comfort rather than speed!

However, I know that I have been blessed beyond measure and this challenge is an opportunity to not only push myself, have a trip of a lifetime, meet some fantastic people who I hope will become friends and make a difference to communities and families for years to come - BRING IT ON!!


Donation of £50.00 by Lee Bottomley

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Well done on the auction Maz and Debbie!

Donation of £480.00 by Anonymous

Well done for the auction and best wishes for more fundraising and the actual trip and run.

Donation of £43.50 by ALISON H SHARMAN

Donation of £250.00 by Malcolm Peill

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Totally in awe of you, chick! Just an amazing thing to do. Love you xxxx