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Amie Janet

Challenge Date:

18th - 25th September 2020

My Challenge:

Ethiopia Challenge 2020:

We are spending a week in Ethiopia and are blessed to be able to walk 42k through the beautiful country of Ethiopia.

We will be spending time with our sponsor children and their families and the families who are blessed to be able to access the compassion projects and the amazing community in Ethiopia.




Sponsored Target:

Online Total: £780.00

Offline Total: £0.00

Gift Aid: £94.50

We are taking part in this amazing opportunity to help raise awareness and help children and their families be released from poverty.

We would like to inspire individuals and their families to become involved with compassion as a charity and see the incredible work they do and the impact they have on children and their families across the world. The money that we raise is able to go to specific projects that compassion carry out in Ethiopia and we are able to positively influence the future of children through this! Being able to contribute to not only many children’s lives but specifically our sponsor children’s lives is amazing.

The last few years have been challenging for us and yosef was a reason to continue to keep going and fighting through difficult times and we forever thank compassion for the opportunity to be able to reap the rewards that we sew.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page and read our information. If you are able to donate we are extremely greatful and can not express how much we appreciate your support. Additionally, if you have are able to sponsor a child we are forever greatful and thankful that you have decided to help realease children and their families from poverty! We thank you for your kind words and prayers as we embark on this journey and challenge!

Thank you!


Donation of £35.00 by Response team

Money from Easter raffle! :)

Donation of £33.00 by janet Hadfield

Thank you to All the people who have sponsered Premature baby hats off Lisa Parry and took part in name the Teddy

Donation of £50.00 by Jan Hadfield

Jan would like to thank the following people for sponsering prem baby hats. Sheila, Barry, Kerry, Lynn, leigh,Dave, Ella Bea and Ozand, Lisa B thank you very much

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money raised from fundraising number of sweets in the jar thank you to all that took part

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£3 from Janine for a baby hat and £5 from Ian for a baby hat xx

Donation of £203.00 by Janet Hadfield

To all of the family and friends that supported our COSY COMPASSION CHRISTMAS CHARITY NIGHT A GREAT BIG THANKYOU TO YOU ALL MERRY CHRISTMAS Janet and Amie

Donation of £51.00 by Janet Parr fund raising

Fundraising for hats

Donation of £10.00 by Michelle Adkins

Good luck to you both 😄

Donation of £10.00 by Christine Barton

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Good luck babe you will smash it!

Donation of £20.00 by Heather McMullan

Good luck to you both! I’m sure you’ll smash it. Xxx

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.Ticket for Cosy Compassion christmas event

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thanks to Dorothy and Nick for sponsering Bobble Hats from Jan parr

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Fantastic cause! Best of luck Jan and Amie xxx

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Thanks to everyone who is sponsering the bobble hats

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Thank you to janet Parr for helping us fund raise

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Love you my earth angel xx

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Great challenge good luck!

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Good luck to you both, sure you will both do amazing x

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Best wishes for the fundraising

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Good luck and well done ! Xx

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