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Simon and Jenn Holland

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TBC September 2021

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Holland's Hike:

On 24th October 2020, Simon and Jenn completed their local challenge. They walked the entire Avon Valley Path in one go. That's 54.6km, 34miles, in hideous weather!

Watch their summary here:

Ethiopia 2021:

We're looking ahead to when international safety allows us to head out to wonderful Ethiopia - to see first-hand the amazing work that Compassion does. On challenge day, Simon and Jenn will be undertaking a long distance trek through the Ethiopian countryside. The distance, the heat and the altitude will make it a massive challenge!




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Simon and Jenn met when they were kids, in fact they were neighbours. Through many water fights, birthday parties, church nativities and bring & share lunches, they became firm friends. As teenagers, they questioned and journeyed through big issues of life and faith together, and were each there to witness the other's relationship with Jesus and baptism. They got married February 2019, and live near Southampton.

The Hollands are passionate about poverty, and about Jesus. They have experienced God's heart of love and care, and know that it's for all His children. Simon and Jenn feel called to be God's hands and feet, to follow His Will and work for His Kingdom. They want to stand up against the injustice of poverty, and bring practical solutions to suffering. They want to share the good news of hope and joy that can be found in Jesus. And they want God's unending, mighty love to reach everyone, everywhere!


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Good luck with your challenge it’s a great cause and you are doing amazing!

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For the maternity clothes and baby clothes- thank you! 😊

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For the cuddles Good luck with your fund raising

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Thanks for the boots and good luck/well done with the challenges and fundraising 😊

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Great cause, good luck to you both!

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Well done darlings ;)

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massive congratulations to you both.

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Wow! You guys are amazing! We loved seeing your determination on your challenge this weekend! God bless you.

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Well done on persevering in the rain!

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Very well done. Next time do it in July!

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Go for it!!!

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Well done both of you, I'll be praying for you on the 24th.

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Smash it!!

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Go guys, go! You're fab! xx

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Well done Jenn & Simon. Hope all goes to plan on 24th Oct for your big walk & you get even more out of it than you imagine. Blessing those in Ethiopia you're supporting is such a huge thing. Here's our little bit towards it. We love what you're doing!

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WOOOHOOOOO you go guys xx

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Thank you for your compassion to do this, hoping its a huge success! x

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Praying God will bless you both as you seek to bless others

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Thank You for posting the watering can. My grandson will love it. Good luck with your challenge.

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On behalf of Mac's cash donation - Thanks Mac, what a legend :-)

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What a great thing you are both doing! Good luck and God bless you

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I think you guys rock. This is a lovely thing to do.

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<3 you guys, sounds amazing, best of luck 😊

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Congratulations, guys! This will be such an inspiring trip and challenging for both of you, but it is one you and the people whose lives you touch will never forget

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A small donation from NZ- this is awesome!!

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A brave step out of your comfort zones, guys. One that will make a difference, especially to the family of the Etheopean girl you are supporting.

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This lifts our hearts πŸ’• God bless you both πŸ™πŸ»

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