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Steph Worrall

Challenge Date:

May 2023

My Challenge:

My challenge will be to walk the distance of a half marathon (13 miles) in the heat and altitude of Ethiopia.




Sponsored Target:

Online Total: £1,810.00

Offline Total: £386.00

Gift Aid: £393.75

This will be my fourth Compassion Challenge, starting ten years ago by trekking Kilimanjaro. This trip was first planned for September 2020, and my fundraising had hardly started before it became obvious that we wouldn't be going. Now I have some serious training to do, building up my stamina to walk 13 miles.

We are raising money to support a Child Survival intervention not far from Addis Ababa, and your donations will be a great encouragement to me.

If you feel able to sponsor a child with Compassion, please let me know. If your child is in the area we're visiting, I could take them a gift from you, but you can choose where to sponsor.


Donation of £65.00 by Anonymous

A gift to thank you for your recent help

Donation of £20.00 by Ann

Donation of £50.00 by Neil

Well done, that's amazing!

Donation of £55.00 by Anonymous

Water Sales

Donation of £150.00 by Birthday Guests

Donations from Clare's 60th

Donation of £50.00 by Robert & Rosemary

Well done Steph. You are an absolute inspiration.

Donation of £40.00 by CY

For your latest efforts for Compassion

Donation of £30.00 by Ann

Well done!

Donation of £10.00 by Dani Johnston

Well done Steph. You are incredible

Donation of £30.00 by Anonymous

Donation of £25.00 by Paul & Issy Homer

Good Luck on your adventure

Donation of £25.00 by R.Lithgow

Donation of £100.00 by Alistair & Sue

Well done, you made it!

Donation of £25.00 by Rosemary Williams

Well done Steph! May God illuminate your journey in every way x

Donation of £25.00 by Mark and Katie

Enjoy! With our love and prayers. xx

Donation of £25.00 by Dorothy Kirwan

To Steph for Clares 60th Birthday with love to both

Donation of £25.00 by June Bransbury

Keep going you’re such an inspiration Love June

Donation of £100.00 by Anonymous

Donation of £20.00 by Dick & Lesley

Go well, you're a hero!

Donation of £30.00 by Dorothy Kirwan

Wont be long now - keep it up Steph your amazing!

Donation of £30.00 by Anonymous

Donation of £25.00 by Nicky and Paul

Go Steph! Hope you managed to get yourself some comfy boots to walk in

Donation of £25.00 by Sally

Keep going young Steph!

Donation of £50.00 by Alison B

Go for it Steph, you're amazing! 🥾😀

Donation of £30.00 by Nic and Paul

Go for it, Steph! Lots of love x

Donation of £25.00 by LORRAINE ROSE

Go buddy go. You are amazing. Lots of love

Donation of £100.00 by Anonymous

From Water Sales

Donation of £20.00 by Anonymous

Keep going! Sending love...

Donation of £20.00 by Chris & Rachel

Go Steph! All good wishes.

Donation of £20.00 by Sarah Turner

Keep right on to the end of the road... You're amazing, Steph!

Donation of £70.00 by Debs

To a friend who's seen me through tough times - Happy Birthday and keep walking!

Donation of £20.00 by Lynda

Keep going!

Donation of £25.00 by Mary Warren

Happy birthday Hope you’ve managed to put your feet up today 😴.

Donation of £40.00 by Dawn Young

Such an inspiration… keep on walking 🙂

Donation of £20.00 by Ruth Taylor

Donation of £30.00 by Anonymous

(From a great encourager)

Donation of £100.00 by John & Rosemary

You’re the best. So proud of you for putting yourself out there to do such amazing things and have such a generous heart.

Donation of £85.00 by Anonymous

Gifts from friends

Donation of £40.00 by Dorothy Kirwan

Wonderful way to celebrate your 70th Birthday Steph - well done x

Donation of £70.00 by Amy

Happy 70th Birthday Year Steph! 🥳 What a wonderful way to celebrate your year by being once again, self-sacrificing of your time, asking for alternative gifts and your own giving. I’m always inspired by you. £70 for 70 years, bit early I know but no time like the present to see your donation count rise! Proud of you friend. Can’t wait to see and hear all about your trip and 13.1km walk! Happy training! Much love Amy xx

Donation of £10.00 by Stephanie Worrall (2!😉)

Good luck GA Steph, you’ve got this! 💪🙌🏻

Donation of £15.00 by Anonymous

Donation of £20.00 by Anonymous

Well done Steph!

Donation of £10.00 by Anonymous

Donation of £10.00 by Anonymous

Happy Birthday!