Compassion Challenges -Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We hope you will find the answer in the information below. However, if you have any further queries, please do get in touch and we will answer your question as soon as possible.

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Can I visit my sponsored child whilst I am there?

One of the unique aspects of an overseas Compassion Challenge is the opportunity to meet your sponsored child. If you sponsor a child in the country we’re visiting we will do all we can to ensure you meet. This could be at a project visit day, a sports day or as an add-on before or after the trip you’re on. Do get in touch with us so we can ensure the best possible experience to suit you.

What is the itinerary?

The exact itinerary will be confirmed once the scouting trip has taken place and all the details have been finalised. The scouting trip usually happens around six months prior to your departure and the day to day schedule will be communicated with you before you travel.

Over the course of the week, you’ll get to experience local culture and wildlife, visit Compassion projects, engage with the children and their families, and take part in a special sports day with the children. 

Your runor walk takes place at the end of the week and will be a response to all that you have seen; the contagious joy on Challenge Day is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced in a normal race!

Can I chose where my fundraising money goes towards?

Yes, of course. If you’re raising funds for a cause that you’re particularly passionate about, you’ll see much greater results.

Just let us know how you would prefer the funds to be spent and we’ll be in touch to talk this through. We will have a specific Complementary Intervention that we will raise money for as a team, however it is perfectly find for the money use raise to go towards something different. 

Can I pay for my trip in installments?

Trip costs can be paid in instalments to spread the cost over time or in one go; whichever suits you best. Our friends at IMS will be in touch once you have signed up to the Challenge to make these arrangements. 

What kit or equipment will I need?

It's important to remember that Kilimanjaro is a trek and not a climb and, as a result, no technical equipment or expertise is needed. The most important item you’ll need is a good quality, comfortable, and worn-in pair of walking boots. Beyond that, the clothing you’ll need includes items that most people will likely already have: a down or multi-layered jacket, thermal underwear, shorts/trousers, t-shirts, a fleece, waterproofs, gloves, a sun-hat and beanie. You’ll also need a backpack to carry each day, and a larger bag for the rest of your belongings – which will be carried for you; a sleeping bag and mattress; a head-torch and water storage.

Most items can be hired once in Tanzania for anyone who doesn’t have and would prefer not to purchase any items that they don’t have. Every team member will receive a full information pack upon signing up which includes more information on suggested kit for the challenge.

I’m not much of a runner, do I have to run it?

Actually no, there is an option for walking that you can take if you prefer. On the day of the challenge walkers will start earlier in the morning, so that they are able to get round the course and finish at the same time as the runners. 

Everyone will set their own goal and run at a pace that is comfortable for them. We are not elite athletes, we are team looking to make an amazing difference. Whether you walk or run, whether you are first across the line or last you will be supported and cheered on every step of the way! 

How many places are there and what if I don't know anyone else?

There are a maximum of 60 places available on each trip and a first-come, first-served policy will determine how spaces are filled. This challenge is an amazing opportunity to make friends and build community with the other participants. We are one team and will get to know each other very well through the week. 

Some people will sign up as a family or a couple and others as an individual. Neither is a problem, we are confident that you will make friends on the trip very quickly! 

What vaccinations will I need?

You can find initial information through the NHS website but we encourage you to arrange an appointment with your GP or Travel Nurse to get accurate and professional advice.

How much are the flights and what’s the best way to book them?

Once you sign-up you will receive an email and phone call where the recommended flight will be given to you. This will be the flight that the trip leaders will be on and the majority of the team will be on. We estimate that this will be around £600-£800 depending on how quickly you book your place on this flight. 

You are more than welcome to find a different flight pattern that suits you better, you can gain an estimated cost of flights by visiting

Will there be any advice on how I should train?

We advise you take your training seriously due to the distances and increased altitude involved in our overseas trips. We will be providing training plans for the team and will support you every step of the way. 

The trip lasts a week, does this mean that the run or walk takes place over a week?

Your epic run or walk takes place on a single day at the end of the week. This is very much a celebration and reward for all your hard work over the months leading up to the trip. All the local community come out to either take part or support you with cheering and dancing.

What is the accommodation like in the country we’re visiting?

Given the sports nature of the trip, we aim to ensure that the hygiene and safety of the accommodation is to a high standard. The style of accommodation is likely to be hotels, guest houses or lodges. You will stay in twin rooms unless you would like to pay an extra cost for a single room. Once a pre-scout has happened in the lead up to the trip, we will know the exact accommodation.

What’s included in the cost of the trip and what is not?

Included in the cost of the trip will be high quality accommodation; all your travel whilst you’re in the country; meals and drinks; event organisation and your sports top!

Not included: your flights; vaccinations; any Visa requirements; travel insurance; a child protection check; additional expenses of a personal nature and any costs associated with visiting your sponsored child.

What if I don’t reach the fundraising target?

There are no consequences for not reaching the fundraising target. We are confident that as a team you and Compassion will be able to not only reach but exceed your target. There are lots of great ideas of how you can fundraise so let’s get our heads together to plan the best way.

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